Interesting facts behind the Ethereum coin

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is trading at an all-time high. Ethereum (ETH Coin) has also surprised everyone interested in this market with a 900% increase in 2021. Although ETH Coin is also very popular, you may be surprised by the facts right away. hereafter!

1. Ethereum is a crowdfunding project

Vitalik Buterin, the father of Ethereum
Vitalik Buterin, the father of Ethereum

For those who love the idea of ​​a decentralized world where everyone can participate, Ethereum is a dream come true, and a testament to the power of the network. One of the most interesting facts about ETH Coin is that it was started through crowdfunding.

Vitalik Buterin, a programmer and Bitcoin enthusiast, came up with the idea in 2013. He was short of money, turned to crowdfunding, and by 2015, ETH Coin was created and traded. public.

2. Tech Giants Love ETH Coin

If you think individual investors are the only ones betting on ETH Coin then you are wrong. Many large companies are also starting to put stakes in Ethereum.

Companies like Microsoft, HSBC, and Barclays have all found a way to use Ethereum in their systems. It is clear that everyone’s beloved ETH Coin will become more and more relevant in large business models as the years go by – however, further observations remain.

3. Ethereum is one of the hottest programming development tools today.

ETH Coin not just a cryptocurrency; Its tokenization has become the standard platform for a variety of different decentralized programs. Everything from decentralized games to major social networking applications is made possible with ETH Coin.

In addition, ETH Coin has made great strides in its development and created an entire community of developers around its technology. If you want to work with Ethereum, you have a lot of people who will support you.

The Ethereum Alliance, a collective of blockchain startups and large enterprises, has dedicated itself to developing and promoting Ethereum — and they love the developers.

4. Ethereum is still risky.

Like with any other cryptocurrency, cybersecurity is a serious concern. One of the facts about ETH Coin which everyone should know there are serious concerns about the security of this coin.

Ethereum's Security Risks
Ethereum’s Security Risks

Cybersecurity is a major issue for any cryptocurrency, but with Ethereum, the problem is even more daunting. In general, the value and stability of the currency has been laid down as a whole.

Security of the currency is the main thing to look out for for ETH Coin because of the technological and development challenges. Furthermore, Ethereum has had problems with the network and its limitations as well as failing to meet the needs of its users. This is a serious concern overall.

In a nutshell, security concerns have assessed around 35,000 Ethereum contracts as vulnerable to hacking. The main reasons are technological and include inefficient coding, glitches and general errors. Therefore, be careful with Ethereum and your security concerns.

Finally, it has been noted that it is very easy to hack ETH Coin in pure form. The Ethereum Alliance is thinking of using hybrid architectures to help enhance the security of Ethereum while accelerating its growth.

5. If you love smart contracts, you’ll love Ethereum.

Do you believe smart contracts will bring blockchain to the masses? Then you could have invested in Ethereum. Ethereum is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to smart contracts.

Ethereum uses a coding language called Solidity to create the smart contracts it uses, and it could make huge strides in the blockchain transaction arena.

Ethereum hasn’t always been the number two digital currency in the world.

Those new to blockchain might argue that Ethereum has always been the second most popular currency on the network. This is not true and that leads us to one of the interesting facts about Ethereum.

Before the invention of Ethereum, Litecoin and other Bitcoin mining alternatives found second place behind Bitcoin. Since the birth of Ethereum, it has gained more than 2,800% in value — and continues to impress investors.

6. There is no real limit for ETH Coin

The supply of ETH has no limit
The supply of ETH has no limit

Everyone knows that Bitcoin has a fixed amount of coins available. After mining 21 million Bitcoins, that’s it. No more Bitcoins. One of the more important facts about ETH Coin that you should know is its non-existent limit.

The only real limitation to Ethereum mining is that you can only mine about 18 million ETH Coins per year. This makes it one of the better Bitcoin mining alternatives for those who want to continue earning a steady income.

7. Ethereum hosts the majority of ICOs.

Want to invest in a new token? Well, if you did then you most likely invested in a token sale that took place on the Ethereum platform. For many investors, the most surprising fact about ETH Coin are things related to its role in the ICO sale.

More than three-quarters of all ICOs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. So thank Ethereum next time you invest in an ICO.

8. ETH Coin is a decentralized currency (centralized decentralized)

For all the discussion about decentralization, one of the facts about ETH Coin What may shock people is the structure of money. Even though it is 100% decentralized, Ethereum is kept by a core group of developers and employees who manage and promote the platform.

Many investors believe that it is this core group of people that have made Ethereum so successful today.

9. Ethereum is more investor-friendly

The big difference with Bitcoin is ETH Coin ensure more stability and return on investment. Fundraising is critical, so expect more solid and tangible support and assurances.

Many people know that Ethereum is very popular for fundraising, so this makes it more reliable for many people who want to invest. Generally, funds or investment funds will remain in place until the fundraising is completed. This is a great guarantee for any uncertain investor or consumer.

In short, if you’re a demanding user and want support, more financing, there are resources to help. Basically, there are people who want to make your idea work and see through a project and not lose what they invested. In short, Ethereum and ETH Coin more assured that if projects fail, the money or funds will go back to those who invested.