Best Banks In Kansas City In 2022

Having your money in one of the best banks in Kansas City offers good interest rates, investment options, access to loans, free discount on products and services, and an amazing customer experience.

Housing over 146 federal agencies and a good number of world-class businesses and industries, Kansas City affords an aura that spells hard work, intense cash flow, and economic muscle.

In this article, we’ll be listing the best banks in Kansas to help you select not just the best bank on paper but one that affords its customers the best of services.

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What Should I Look Out For When Searching For The Best Bank In Kansas City?

One thing you have to know is that each bank in Kansas City is trying to win a customer over, which is more on the business side. To pick the best banks, look out for the banks that offer savings and checking benefits and other factors as listed below:

  • Debit cards that give you cashback on purchases
  • Free wealth management advisors and tools
  • CD rate increase when you have a checking or savings account
  • Credit union profit payouts to their members
  • Free discount programs on products and services

Which Are The Best Banks In Kansas?

With over 400 banks in Kansas City finding the best bank that satisfies not just your personal interest but one that has a recognized reputation and enticing trappings requires intense search and due diligence.

To determine the best banks in Kansas City, we consider the following details and factors:

  • APYs rate
  • Account Types
  • The best customer service
  • Bank accounts with promotions
  • Minimum deposit

Here’s our list of the best banks in Kansas City.

#1 US Bank

Established in 1863, the US bank has grown from being the National Bank of Cincinnati to the US Bank of today. In 2019, with over 70,000 employees and $495 billion in assets, the bank claimed the position of the fifth-largest bank in the United States.

With a dogged commitment to delivering consumer and business banking, corporate and commercial banking, payment services, and wealth management and investment services, the bank creates a home for every single customer. They work as a partner to provide financial products and services that make banking safe, simple, and convenient.

With five checking account options and five savings account packages, you are free to choose an account that’s right for you without having to face the challenge of minimum deposit. One good thing about U.S Bank is that its checking account allows you to wait monthly fees by meeting certain requirements like minimum balances.

#2 Commerce Bank

With over 150 years of consistent practice, Commerce Bank has delivered value to its customers by building strong customer relationships.

When the financial crisis caused a recession in 2008, Commerce once again remained strong thanks to the founding culture of sensibility. Commerce had steered clear of risky mortgages. While other banks filed for bankruptcy and the government spent billions to prop them up, Commerce was the country’s third-largest bank to government help.

This best bank in Kansas offers its customers access to checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, and money market account with each of them offering interests.

With over 45 branches in the United States, Commerce Bank provides online and mobile banking features so you can manage your money conveniently.

#3 CIT Bank

Whether you are trying to save up some money to buy a house learn the latest business-related figures, get access to investment options or grow your business, CIT Bank is one to trust.

The company’s commercial banking segment includes financing, community association banking, middle-market banking, equipment and vendor financing, factoring, railcar financing, commercial treasury and payments services, and capital markets and asset management. CIT’s consumer banking segment includes a national direct bank and regional branch network.

Being one of the best banks in Kansas and the US CIT is built around commitment and trust to serve its customers. Its digital banking system is top-notch.

On CIT Bank, account holders can earn up to a 0.45% APY on a minimum initial deposit of just $100. All you need to do is sustain an account balance of at least $25,000 or make $100 in monthly deposits. If you’re unable to keep up with these rules, your interest rate will sink to a 0.29% APY.

#4 North American Savings Bank

North American Savings Bank, or NASB, is a full-service, FDIC-insured bank based in Kansas City, Missouri. With over $2 billion in assets and 11 branch locations in the Kansas City area, NASB offers the highest yields on deposit accounts.

Its highest yields on CDs, checking and savings accounts are better than many banks but less than what so howtomakeonline banks pay.

NASB is good for savers who want liquidity and prefer to keep money in savings, checking, and money market accounts with higher yields and online accessibility.

Customers have access to checking, savings, CDs or money market accounts.

Once you’ve been at least $50 into a Smart Savers Savings Account, you can start expanding your money at the solid APY of 0.10%. For the first six months of account ownership, you can avoid a monthly fee by simply setting up a recurring deposit of at least $25 to the account.

#5 BMO Harris Bank

This is one of the best free checking accounts in Kansas City. Driven by the desire to grow the good in business and life, BMO serves over 12 million customers through three operating integrated groups providing personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and investment services.

Being the 8th largest bank in North America and one of the best banks in Kansas, BMO offers loans, wealth management plans, investment options, and interest rates to its customers.

Dear readerscan get a $5 reward every month if you save $200 or more in a New Statement Savings account for up to 12 months.

#6 Security Bank of Kansas

Since its inception in 1985, Security Bank of Kansas has grown into a renowned bank that serves the need of the community.

Security bank offers customers access to anywhere banking, unlimited deposit, and interest credit.

Security Bank of Kansas City offers a complete selection of banking products, which include savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, CDs, IRAs, mortgage products, and credit cards. If you’re considering a checking account for everyday use, the bank’s standard checking account does not carry a monthly charge.

Banks that offer free checking and a high-interest rate savings account are your best bet for gaining the most income from your deposits while sustaining easy access to your money.

According to SmartAsset, the Security Bank of Kansas City features a savings rate of 0.15%, which is fair as contrasted against the national average.

Its one-year CD earns at a rate of 0.45% and the five-year CD earns at a rate of 1.15%, while its high-yielding money market account earns at an APY of 0.65%. In view of the noncompetitive savings rate, consider opting for higher-earning savings accounts with other banks.

#7 Bank of America City

Bank of America Corp. is a bank and financial holding company that provides banking and nonbank financial services. Being one of the best banks in Kansas City, Bank of American City offers Consumer Banking, Global Wealth and Investment Management, Global Banking, Global Markets, and all others.

At Bank of America, the organization’s goal is to help make financial lives better through the power of every connection.

Bank of America shines with an amazing online banking experience and digital tools. The website design is candid, and information about fees and rates is relatively easy to find.

On the mobile app, you can deposit checks, pay bills, send money, monitor activity, and account balances and use its virtual assistant, Erica. Android and iOS phone users gave the bank’s app high marks.

According to Bankrate Bank of America was founded by an Italian, Amadeo Peter Giannini  in 1904 to support immigrants who other financial institutions wouldn’t serve.

#8 UMB Bank

UMB Bank has been a presence in the Midwest since 1913, first serving the citizens of Kansas City as a storefront bank. Today, the bank offers a number of savings account and checking account options, as well as several certificates of deposit (CDs).

The 9th bank on our list of best banks in Kansas is UMB Bank. With UMB Bank, personal banking is made seamless from – credit account to a savings account, CDs to investing, and wealth management options.

UMB helps you manage your money, meet your financial goals and save up money for your personal needs and also take up investment plans.

UMB Bank offers credit card and personal lending products at competitive rates.

#9 Arvest Bank

Arvest Bank is a regional bank that offers moderate rates and fees for its accounts to customers in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. It provides money market accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and checking accounts.

Arvest Bank is one of the best banks in Kansas City that offers high savings rates across all balances with an APY of 0.55%. Although some banks offer higher APYs for deposits over $100,000 or special conditions I’m sure you know that’s quite on the high side.

With over 275 branches quality, Arvest bank offers its customers the best of services. Customers also have access to the mobile app where they get acquainted with tools like budgeting tools, investment tools, and a whole lot.


Here’s a rundown of the best banks in Kansas City, types of accounts, minimum deposit, and APYs.

1. US Bank 0.01% APY Savings, Checking, CDs, Money Market Account $25
2. Commerce BANK 0.01% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, and Money Market Account $0
3. CIT Bank 0.45% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, and Money Market Account $100
4. North American Savings Bank 0.10% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, and Money Market Account $10
5. BMO Harris Bank 0.05% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, and Money Market Account $25
6. Security Bank of Kansas 0.15% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, Money Markets Account $100
7. Bank of American City 0.25% APY Checking, Savings, and CDs $0
8. UMB Bank 0.08% APY Checking, Savings, and CDs $100
9. Arvest Bank 0.55% APY Checking, Savings, CDs, and Money Market Account $100